Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Introduction: A Little More About Me

I hope you listened to the introduction of the podcast to me, the WitchyBee, Lynn. If you have not, click the link over there on the right and listen now. Here's a little more information on how WitchyBee and my passion for plant medicine came to bee. 

You can trace my affinity for herbal tea back to when I was a kid. Cinnamon and peppermint were my favorite. Sometimes I ventured to an orange flavor or green tea. Then I discovered Earl Gray and I thought I was destined to be an avid tea drinker when I grew up. But alas...I was introduced to coffee, first trying to be grown up at yard sales my mom would have. It would be cold, and I'd want sugar with a bit of coffee. Honestly, for a long time it was just a delivery system for my daily dose of sugar. And then the flavored creamers in cheap convenience store coffee grew to more fine coffees and flavors, and then, I became what many would call a coffee snob. Lighter sugar, no flavors, still liked the milk and bolder and bolder coffee and only MY BRAND. When that brand disappeared, so did my love for coffee.

Enter hot teas again.

Last year my husband and I put in a garden. I worked with dye plants the prior year and wanted to start growing a few along with veggies and herbs, of course. I had bought a cute little container of herbs that contained sage, thyme, lavender, and oregano. According to the tag, it was a combination used in tea, so I tried it and liked it a lot. During this time, I also studied (a constant in my world) herb correspondences which are magical uses, which date back thousands of years.

At the same time, I was working on getting healthier, eating more produce, losing weight, and trying to find alternatives for aches, pains, and other medical issues to get off my current daily meds. Lucky for me, they are OTC, but she threatened some Rx's at my last doctor's visit. While doing some research, it finally dawned on me, if I'm studying these herbs for one reason why am I not learning more about their medicinal properties as well. It is all intertwined

Each evening I was cuddling up to new books, both witchcraft and herb-related, and enjoying a cup of some herbal teas I had purchased. I read like 8 books in as many weeks, which I don't know has ever happened. Well, I know it hasn't. I caught the bug, the herbalism bug. Bad. I set off to find an excellent school to learn more and eventually become a registered herbalist. 

After much thinking, meditating on it, and many talks with the husband, we decided that I'd try the first set of online classes and go from there. Well, I am thoroughly enjoying learning, in my third semester, with three more to go, and well on my way! 

I plan to use this blog and the podcast as learning tools for myself and help educate others as I go. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast and the blog and learn a few things. I hope to make this interactive, so please comment and ask questions here. Or, if you would rather, you can email me at witchybeeherbs@gmail.com. 

Make sure you subscribe to both the podcast AND the blog. There will be times things will be added to the blog between the podcasts.

Come join along as we wander through WitchyBee's World.

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